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Soil Testing

Soil Testing Procedure

Q - Why should I have the soil tested for a fertilizer recommendation?soil probe
A - The only way to determine the PH, phosphorus and potassium levels are with a routine soil test. The recommendations for nitrogen is based on reasonable yield goals.

Q - How much soil do I need?
A - The sample which represents each field should be about a pint. (A quart size plastic bag filled about 3/4 full works well.)

Q - How deep should I go to get a sample?
A - For an established field such as brome, alfalfa or a no-till field, the sample should be representative of the top four inches (0-4 inches). Fields that will be worked up should be representative of the top six inches (0-6 inches).

Q - How do I get a representative sample?
A - Collect ten to fifteen samples from each field. Get the samples from all areas of the field, avoiding the edges, waste spots and other areas that don't represent the field. Collect a small amount of the top four to six inches and place in a bucket. When all the samples from a field have been collected, break and mix it all together. Collect your pint sample from this mixture.

Q - How many samples do I need?
A - You should test each field separately that has been or will be fertilized or cropped differently.

Q - What is the cost?
A - Cost is determined by the package selected plus shipping. We accept cash or check. We cannot accept debit/credit card payments. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Q - How long does it take?
A - From the time a sample is sent to KSU from our office, it will be 1-2 weeks before our office receives the analysis and sends you the recommendations. DO NOT send samples directly to K-State.

For more information or question, contact the Rice County Extension Office at 620-257-5131.

Soil Sample Information Sheet** (PDF)

**Soil sample information sheet can be printed off and filled out prior to bringing your soil to the Rice County Extension Office. DO NOT send soil directly to K-State.

A Soil Probe is available to check out from the Rice County Extension Office.