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Rice County

Crops and Livestock

Rice County farmers grow 286,820 acres of wheat, corn, grain sorghum, soybeans, sunflowers, and hay with approximately 127,000 acres of pasture. The diversity of soil type and moisture make crop production a challenge.

Rice County Extension delivers educational programs and information to help increase the efficiency and sustainability of Rice County farms. We are here to provide "Knowledge for Life" by answering all of your agriculture related questions.


wheat field day


Soil Tests

Now is the time to come in with your Soil Samples

We are under contract with the Rice County Conservation District to allow farmers 5 soil samples at no cost to them. They will be sent off to K-State Soil Testing Lab.

 Farm Account Books

We have for sale Farm and Family Account Books. We also sell the individual pages for your convenience.

Find rental rates for non-irrigated cropland by county here: