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Rice County

County Club Days

4-H Club Day is an event which gives participants an opportunity to tell others about their 4-H projects and demonstrate their talents and abilities. Presentations such as talks, demonstrations, speeches, skits, music and dance are judged and awarded ribbons. The public is invited to come, watch and learn more about our 4-H/Youth Development Program.

New to Club Day? Read this very brief description of each Club Day event

Rice County 4-H Club Day

Date: Monday, February 17, 2020

Start Time: 4:00 pm

Location: Little River High School, Little River, KS



  • Fill out an entry form and turn it in to the office OR
  • Call the Extension office to register

 Possible Judging Opportunities: 

  • FACS Judging
  • Horticulture Judging

Public Presentation Resources


Regional Club Days

REGIONAL CLUB DAY PARTICIPANTS – In compliance with K-State’s direction for group meeting guidelines, and out of an abundance of caution, we are cancelling the Regional Club Day scheduled for today.

From K-State: We feel it is our responsibility, as a research-based organization, to take this situation seriously. The concept of social distancing has been shown to slow a disease outbreak during times of concern with pandemics. This means we reduce the number of times and places that people gather in large numbers or spend extensive time together. By slowing the spread of the disease, medical facilities are better able to handle the demand, which saves lives in the long run.

We know that this impacts many people both negatively and positively. We are providing direction to 4-H members as follows:

Pin Applications – we are aware that several pin applications require presentation at a regional club day event. Please work with your county/district agent to develop a plan to complete this requirement.

Kansas State Fair – please remember that regional qualifying Project Talks, Demonstrations, Illustrated Talks, and Readings are eligible for 4-H entry at the Kansas State Fair. Be sure to include these entries with your regular KSF entries in August.

Model Meetings – practicing parliamentary procedure is an important 4-H and life skill. Please work with your agent to develop a plan to present for a community organization (Rotary, Kiwanis, local Chamber etc.).

Please practice good hygiene, stay home if you are ill, get plenty of rest and fluids. Our goal is to assist in the concept of “flatten the curve” which will help our medical community manage the spread of Covid-19 and influenza.