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Rice County

Soil Test Information

How to Take a Soil Sample

1. Use a soil probe or shovel to sample the soil profile to a depth of 3 inches for lawns, 6 inches for vegetables or annual flowers.

2. Take at least 8 samples from the area, then mix the samples in a clean bucket for a representative sample of the area. Bring separate samples for lawns, vegetables, flowerbeds etc.

3. Bring in no less than 2 cups(one pint) of the mixture in a plastic bag to the Rice County Extension Office. Label each bag of soil collected. For example: #1 Flower Garden & #2 Vegetable Garden

Soil sample information sheet can be printed off and filled out prior to bringing your soil to the Rice County Extension Office. Do Not send soil directly to K-State.

Lawns & Other Turf - Soil Information Sheet (PDF)

Flowers & Other Ornamentals - Soil Information Sheet (PDF)

Vegetables, Fruits & Nuts - Soil Information Sheet (PDF)

Charge for soil tests are determined by test selected plus shipping costs. We accept cash or check. We cannot accept debit/credit card payments. We apologize for the inconvenience.