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Rice County

Rice County Extension Council

The County Extension Council is composed of 24 members. In Rice County, 8 are elected from each of the 3 County Commissioner Districts. Six are elected from each of 4 program areas, Agriculture, Family & Consumer Sciences, 4-H & Youth, and Economic Development . Each one is elected to serve two years, and may be elected to serve 2 two-year terms. These six members in each of the 4 program areas are called Program Development Committees. All citizens of voting age are eligible to vote in the at large election. This election is to be held not earlier than September 1, but not later than ten days before the annual meeting of the council.

At the annual meeting, the council elects from its own members, nine people to serve on the executive board, consisting of a chair, vice chair, secretary, treasurer and five other members. One member from each of the 4 program development committees must serve on the executive board, with 3 members from each County Commissioner District.

Rice County Extension Council Members  *chairman of PDC

Dan LaTourellDeeDee DoldBobbie BesserKaleb Horne
Fred MillerPaula RoyerZoe KratzerHaley Eck
Matt SplitterKathy SifritFrannie MillerJim Hollinger
Skylar JanuaryJennifer Herold*Jessi Dobson*Stacy Clark
Clay Wires*Penny WiresSally DieballLee Sankey
Brandon SkinnerMary HollingerLillian Zimmerman Amy Ricker

Rice County Extension Executive Board Members

Fred MillerChair
Sally DieballVice-Chair
Amy RickerSecretary
Haley EckTreasurer
Jennifer HeroldMember
Mary HollingerMember
Kaleb HorneMember
Dan LaTourellMember
Kathy SifritMember